COVID-19 Updates (Corona Virus)

Currently many meetings in the area have followed the guidelines put forth by Federal, State and City Governments and cancelled meetings due to there typically being more than 10 people gathered together within meetings. Please check with homegroup members or the GSR to find out information regarding individual meetings. Central Office is closed, but will be answering the 24/7 phone line and if someone needs a book we will be sure to get one to the person in need.

Here are some suggestions from The General Service office:

We do have some general experience to share regarding how some groups and members have begun to address this issue. Our collected experience suggests that groups that are unable to meet at their usual meeting places have begun to meet digitally; doing so in a sensible and helpful manner to allow the group to continue keeping the focus on our common welfare and primary purpose.
Some groups that are still meeting in person have shared about making changes to customs at their meetings. Some examples have included: avoiding shaking hands and handholding; making sure meeting hospitality tables are sanitary; or suspending food hospitality for the time being. Many
groups have also made contingency plans in case the group is temporarily unable to meet in person. Regardless of group decisions, each individual is responsible for their own health decisions.

Please click here for a link to the G.S.O. COVID-19 Updates page

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